On the South Eastern coastal line is Sulima a unique town in the extreme south east of Sierra Leone, lying at the lips of the great Moa river. This cultured town, Originally was a fastlane trade post  in the nineteenth (19th) century, it used to hold a large population of neighborhood Liberia refugees.

But what’s the beautiful story?

I heard it clearly, Far beyond they said, it’s beautiful and it’s a awesome wonder. I tried to come myself to see her awesomeness. Sulima indeed you are beautiful. The Lushness of sand speak volume of your beautiful stretch and your clear segmented shape gives hope to your visitors. This beauty is must you possess must not be isolated but rather we have come to join the shells, the mabbles, the sands, the grooves and the different birds to chirp that beauty aloud, so the world will know you here oh SULIMA.

From a distance you are still embracing nature with motherly calmness, your poise is different from all I have seen, this liberty and true freedom you have must be shared with children of Sierra Leone so they/we can explain your joy of motherhood to our friends, relatives and loved ones especially our kids.

Sulima my Sulima, our Sulima, yes! what a magnet of true ambiance of nature and splendor, this appearance signal hopes of new beginning for true beach lovers, who need to see you, because you are unique and many will join you soonest to enjoy and have a genuine feel exotic grandeur of richness in all aspect. Sulima Beach you are indeed a true awesome wonder.

Just when I turned right from afar I saw flapping waving flag on a local boat just arrive from beyond nautical miles, but amazing I heard different dialects, this sounded like Peoole from Liberia, and the other like from Ghana, then I also ours. This unification gives you Sulima an international face and present Hospitality to the highest end of life.

Sulima you afar but I sensed thorough oness among people of the heart. Oh!! another surprise, at Sulima you can as well use Liberian Liberty or you use Sierra Leone Leones to transact any form of business you wish, so this also great regional diversity.

MAMA Sulima, you are a true mother to those who have been with you for years but cannot phantom your uniqueness, for us who come afar your beautiful scenery has capture our hearts, our mind and we feel to come back pretty soon, to enjoy this warm touch from the sea, and listen to the birds chirpiness.

You are 40km long in height oh! yes! mama you are indeed amazing. This sand I step on is so smooth and it’s white and brown colours send us happiness and for this we will stand together to get you out of oblivion.

What on my backdrop? a local town know as SOROGBEMA along which Sulima dwells with ease. difference types of birds flying over the yonder fetching, crustaceans of all class showed up…local canoes aligned for trips to the estuaries and sandbars that romance with lagoons, the rocks on the corners encrouch over the palm trees and coconut thatches flipped hello and Hi to seabed.


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