Port Loko launching: The Guru on the Mic calling the programme to order was done by the able Deputy General Manager- Mr. J.M. Moijueh- National Tourist Board

Chairman and master of ceremony for the Launching was the political macho, Mr. William Robinson, who dropped his smart wise words, to preach peace and tourism, to the minds of the Beneficiaries.

Just after a well and prudent done job for the people of Makeni, the feed backs sent a alert readiness to people of Port Loko, that happens to be the fifth and final station on the Safety Cash Galore Transfers, to workers within the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors respectively.

Many ill thoughts and still thinking whether the Social Safety Cash Transfer (SSNCT) is a gimmick or a mind game, but realities on the four and fifth stations paid so far has generated different views on the positive side of the SSNCT.

The cash Transfers so far has aid the livelihood of the sector players and workers and as well mitigate the internal tensions from staff on Hotel owners and similar establishment.

Thanks and Appreciation, from mostly women in Port Loko, had no reasons to withhold thanks to the President for a timely intervention with such needful package to mend their lives, during this pandemic and pandering moments.

Mothers and father’s within the sector, that have been long awaiting for the light to shine and finally God has answered their prayers, with the SSNCT amounting to Le. 1.8 million for beneficiaries within the sector to be precised

The Director of Tourism Mr. Mohamed Jalloh, served as an eye opener to detailed the essence of Tourism to the people of North-West on how Tourism and Hospitality can can change the face of the country and Port Loko in particular, he admonished them, to place relevance on the things that will attract investment and increased tourism perspectives within the region at all times.

The Hon. Minister of Tourism in her key Net statement, implored the audience and key stakeholders of the the region to sing the national pledge, before addressing them. She clearly stated, that peace for development is a core, that every one must be committed to it, that posterity will not judged us based on our actions towards our beloved Sierra Leone.

The SSNCT is here to bail out workers within the Sectors of Tourism and Hospitality.

Therefore, they the Beneficiaries must be thankful to God and the government for such a time like in our era.

This manner of chestures has never happened in this country, so this is the first maiden SSNCT to the people of Sierra Leone. She concluded by calling on all tourism players and actors to take registration and taxations very serious, has she said, these monies are generated from these avenues.

The ceremony sent moments of emotions to the people of Port Loko and it’s environs, as must of the Beneficiaries and hotel owners underated the due process.

This just completed prudent and effective process sent a clear indication of the seriousness of Government to the Sectors.

The vote of thanks was given by a smiling beneficiary, who took his time to extend appreciation to the President for the father role he has shown.

To the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs for her professional leadership in carefully carrying out this critical work.

To the deputy Minister of Tourism for giving his relentless support to the Hon. Minister. We must not forget the Ministry of Finance for also believing in the justification submitted by the Minister.

Our Director of Tourism, I must boldly say, you are a tourism lover and Hospitality Guru for also giving your time.

National Tourism Board, the work began with them we on this part will continue to give our best to the entire team.

The Minister also extended appreciation to: ACC,NCRA, MOF, NTB, MTCA STAFF, INTERNAL AUDIT TEAM and the entire team for pulling out this manner of project.

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