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Visit Sierra Leone feel the serenity

It’s a visa on arrival to Sierra Leone, Sierraously Surprising, from the hills, valleys, bars and lagoons, sounds harmony and enriched cultural fusion which brings you closer to everyday life, with glimpse of natural hopes, as variety of birds chirps signal of leisure and the friendly chimpanzees hoot your welcome.

Tourism in Sierra Leone is the unifier to every spheres of life: which blends cultures, dance, food, people and acceptance. You are at liberty to visit at any time with options to do many activities. Many things to do within the city Freetown and more to do around the provincial areas.

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Sierra Leone’s National Animal is the Chimpanzee. Therefore, Sierra Leone still keeps our friends closer, to avoid extinction, the chimpanzee hub Tacugama Sanctuary is set to ensure their protection and sustainable rehabilitation process continues day by day, to maintain stable growth and then discharge..


Gola Rain Forest National Park


Tokeh Beach

Heritage Sites

Bunce Island

National Parks

Outamba Kilimi National Park

Leisure in Sierra Leone

You wondering what to do during your spare time in Sierra Leone? Find below more as there are many things to do at day time and pure night life altogether as a melting pot.

See, Feel & Taste Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone on the West Coast of Africa, stable, peaceful, exotic, visa on arrival and Sierraously Surprising from the Atlantic Ocean, the hills and mountains awaits your arrival from afar as the bird’s chirps and chimps hoot to announce kabor to our visitors from all around the world.


Climb Pickett Hill


Old Fourah Bay College


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