Sierra Leone Economic Diversification Project Loan No. P164212
Assignment Title: Consulting Services for Updating Quality Standards and Licensing Processes for Lodging Establishments in Sierra Leone
Reference No. SL-MOFED-162904-CS-INDV

Sierra Leone possesses pristine beaches and islands, mountains and rich biodiversity, interesting wildlife, friendliness and rich cultural capital among people and its special place in the world history of anti-slavery movement as ‘the land of the free.’ The Government of Sierra (GoSL) has officially prioritized tourism in the newly formulated National Development Plan 2019 – 2023. The new National Tourism Policy states the goal of tourism in Sierra Leone is to “generate foreign exchange, encourage even development, promote tourism based rural enterprises, generate employment, accelerate rural-urban integration and foster socio-cultural unity among the various regions of the country through the promotion of domestic and international tourism.” (GoSL, 2017). It’s National Ecotourism Policy states the goal of receiving 20,000 international and 30,000 domestic ecotourism visits to sites by 2025 (GoSL, 2017).

The World Bank is preparing an Economic Diversification Project, one of the components of which will take an integrated destination approach to improve the performance of Sierra Leone’s tourism sector. This will include facilitating the reduction of barriers to business success, assisting existing tourism providers with market access, and improving the quality of selected tourism products in order to place the country’s tourism sector on a sustainable and inclusive growth trajectory. This will be achieved through a mix of institutional and policy reforms, market development, national marketing enhancement, re-branding, building B2B linkages, and strategically developing tourism products in selected areas.

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Contact: Project Fiduciary Management Unit
Ministry of Finance
Attn: Procurement Officer
13a Howe Street Freetown
+232 Freetown, Sierra Leone
Tel: +23278235061

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