‘Amazing country with receptive people, moreover the peace’ said the head of the 300 Danish tourists. These teenagers, never felt nostalgic, but rather wanting to come back and feel that breath-taking ambiance and sceneries of hope and relax state of mind.


Freedom, safety, friendly and hospitality with cultural fusion Sierra Leone explains it all, when the finished line for Budapest Bamako rally ended in Freetown. Participants of the rally had many options how to spend their remaining days in the city of the freed. Well, this speak a volume of sanity and acceptance, none of them experienced theft, no scam, no accident, no crime but in entirety, all they expressed was indeed Sierra Leone is the place to be. The 700 riders including team members, rod in splendid leisure, culture and amazing nightlife, that left them with no thought of going back but to extend their stays.

Well if this country was known for the negative irony propelled by bloggers and some freelancers. Sierra Leone in West Africa enjoy an interrupted peace for years and this peace will sustainably be managed for future posterity.


Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone-Sierraously Surprising:  a country known for her beauty with lush sun-sand beaches enticed with enviable mount peaks and valleys located on the West Coast of Africa, sharing friendly borders with the Republic of Guinea to the north and northeast, Liberia to the east and southeast, while the Atlantic Ocean is to the west and south.

Are you a beach lover, or an Eco friendly or more culturally savvy person? Well your melting pot for all of these essentials is Sierra Leone. The country stand to boasts of approximately 600km of coastline, with different sands colours and water waves, as the Freetown peninsula serves as grandeur of leisure attractions with archipelagos of islands with green basket mangroves.

Are you a swimmer, snorkeler, kayaker, otherwise, If you’re enticed  by nature, look no further than the Banana Island- Dalton Guest House, Baffa Resort and the surrounding that  offers natural and exotic beauty unlike anywhere in the world and a bunch of underwater and water activities.



Sierra Leone is naturally rich and diverse in biodiversity, culture, heritage and eco-friendly.

With tranquillity been at peak, the country to visit in West Africa is Sierra Leone, for the reasons are clear, it’s gorgeous and exotic beaches that transcend a rare colonial heritage ambiance and offer a genuine and fantastic scenery, you can climb its mountainous region, or freely walk along the streets of Freetown and all its touristic areas which is free of taut. The  peninsula’s white sands and splendid coastline, with beaches so perfect they could be described as world-class – as you will probably be most enchanted by this country’s warm and welcoming people that are known for doing the impossible just to make tourists feel comfortable and feel relaxed.


With all the above description of pleasantry about Sierra Leone, and it has been classed as the a friendly destination, it is indeed, as this destination has much more to offer to its arrivals- no tourist has ever reported theft, crime, rubbery, scam, murder, kidnapping or rape, these actions are not our blood for strangers. But rather we offer our friendly attitudes towards our tourists and friends from other regions. Therefore, have no fear to visit this country of peace and hospitable people.


Transportation in Sierra Leone is safe at all points, major trunk roads are all tarmac, except for roads leading to villages which are also accessible with  4×4 vehicles, and the cost are reasonable. One can travel by buses, taxis, poda poda, kehkeh, okada, or private hire. However, one is advised to take care of personal items, so you do not forget them on-board. Your travel from point A to point B is always well organized with record passenger manifest especially for provincial trips, for city you can flex with Okada or Kehkeh feel the beats of harmony. You are safe and can work alone without a guide except for other tourist attraction, where you require a step on guide or a hired guide for directions. For water lovers, you can reach Freetown city with water taxis, as we have three water taxis, so you have better options or better still one can use road, which is also friendly.



One should not be petrified about pickpocketing because it is rare, neither are you on bus or taxi or any means you are fine and you have nothing to fear. However, your concern should be you not losing things by forgetful means. So it’s also advising you always have a waist bag or side bag for your handy items. Carrying your purse or money on you is as well safe, and no one can brutally attack you for your possessions, we do not have such testimonies from tourists.


It is been tagged as natural, these are unforeseen circumstances, and ever since in our history the records on mudslide just occurred once, we have  nothing like wild fires, earth quakes, tsunamis. For diseases and outbreak, yes, we had Ebola, and every country must have challenges so Sierra Leone is not exceptional.  Sierra Leone is susceptible to flooding and mudslides.  As a nation our sustainable and environmental mitigation and adaptation model suits us well, to manage major environmental shortfalls.


Mugging in Sierra Leone is never treated as a graving concern, because this act is not seen amongst us or in our public places, rather the people will help to keep your items safe at all time, because we believe; strangers must be treated with care and respect. So one should not be afraid of public gathering because of mugging.


There haven’t been any recent terrorist attacks in Sierra Leone’s recent history, but they shouldn’t be ruled out since Sierra Leone contributes to the UN peacekeeping initiative in Mali or around the world should not send threats to categorised the country as a prone terrorist area. This we have never and shall experience it, because none terrorist attacks make us more safe and stable. You can visit any time, and you can travel everywhere at any hour of the night and you are safe and free from every attacks.


Scams and robberies are the order of the day for other countries but not Sierra Leone. Our taxi drivers and KehKeh riders are all friendly and take you around and how you to decide what you can pay in most cases. If you are an investors, it is but advice to visit Ministries, Department and Agencies for advice on investment opportunities otherwise you can make the wrong turn. There is no record or report for theft from the use of the ATM or gangs chase for moneys withdrawn. The bank always can advice well how to do your transfers to avoid such, if there are any.


Sierra Leone is the safest place for a woman to be visiting alone. Women are treated here with high caution and they are always protected against arm and danger. Streets in Freetown are always safe, and passers bye mind their own businesses, except if you need help then they can work up to you for assistance on free of cost.

So… How Safe Is Sierra Leone Really? 100% SAFE

Sierra Leone is safe and the right place to be at all time.

Its tourism potential is intact and well harnessed.

Sierra Leone is, according to some, the friendliest place in Africa, yet according recent visitors claimed Sierra Leone indeed is the best place to be in Africa. With its reach minerals and oil deposit, Sierra Leone is set to surprise the world again.

As expected, the people of Sierra Leone are content, so you do not have to be cautious when traveling to this country and bear in mind that visiting now blend with leisure and adventure.

Keep in mind that traveling anywhere outside Freetown is safe and calm since the roads are accessible and maintained, and the drivers all around can help much – they mostly drive vehicles that are in good driving condition and the roads are well paved now.

                                                    Useful Information

Visa on arrival

As part of government’s commitment to promote tourism and attract foreign direct investment, the Government of Sierra Leone wishes to inform the general public, airline operators, Sierra Leone Embassies and Missions overseas, International Air Transport Association (IATA), international partners and other government bodies that with effect from Thursday 5th September 2019, a new Visa on Arrival policy has been rolled-out for persons from the following countries or blocs:

  • United Kingdom Citizens
  • European Union Citizens
  • United States Citizens
  • Citizens of Commonwealth member countries
  • Citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council member countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman)
  • Citizens of the BRICS Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)
  • Citizens of the following countries:
    • Lebanon
    • Iran
    • Cambodia
    • Vietnam
    • Singapore
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
    • Turkey
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Norway
    • Israel
    • Bolivia
    • East Timor
    • Macau
    • Samoa
    • Tuvalu

Below are the visa fees for ease of reference:

  • ECOWAS nationals – Visa-free
  • Non-Ecowas AU nationals – USD 25.00
  • All other countries – USD 80.00

Citizens of ECOWAS states and all other countries with which Sierra Leone has visa-free agreements will continue to enjoy visa-free access.

Citizens of countries not listed above are required to visit the nearest Sierra Leone Embassy or Mission abroad to secure visas prior to visiting Sierra Leone. All persons coming to Sierra Leone for the purpose other than tourism, visit or business needs to apply for a visa before undertaken such travel. We wish to reassure all potential visitors of a continuing hassle-free visa processing experience.

Flights and Routings

For all your trips to Sierra Leone, flights are available to connect you from Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia and any part of the world. The list of available eleven flights for easy connections to Sierra Leone, Air France, Asky Airline, Air Mauritania, Africa World, Air Côte d’Ivoire, Brussels Airlines, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Turkish Air Line, Trans Air, Air Peace Limited.


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