GPI 2023 ranks Sierra Leone 3rd Safest Country in Africa


The 2023 Global Peace Index (GPI) has ranked Sierra Leone 3rd among the top eleven Safest Countries in Africa at present. Sierra Leone trails slightly behind Botswana, scoring 1.792.

In 2022, the country was ranked the 50th safest country worldwide but improved to the 47th spot in 2023. The country’s GPI has been improving over the previous four years.

The GPI 2023 listed 12 safest countries in Africa today, helping visitors make informed travel decisions. In these safe countries, travelers can focus less on potential dangers and more on the awe-inspiring landscapes and rugged beauty that Africa has to offer.

The 2023 GPI said: “Renowned for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Sierra Leone also contends with a relatively high crime rate. The most common threats to tourists are pickpocketing and muggings, which occasionally involve weapons. That said, most visitors complete their journey without facing any issues.

“Despite significant progress towards improving democracy in recent years, Sierra Leone can occasionally face periods of political instability. In 2022, several cities in the country witnessed violent demonstrations. Visitors are advised to steer clear of political gatherings and comply with any local regulations in effect.

“As per the U.S. State Department, Sierra Leone experiences frequent violent crimes like robbery and assault, particularly in its capital, Freetown. The local police force often struggles with limited resources to efficiently manage serious criminal activities.

“Even though Sierra Leone may not be as safe as Botswana or Mauritius, its crime rate is still lower than in many other African nations”.

The GPI gives some indication of the safest countries in the world. It ranks every country from 1 to 5, with 1 being the safest and most peaceful.

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