Just yesterday we spotted the other side of the Minister of Tourism and Culture, when concepts and theories pertaining trade, investment, tourism development, peace, youths and unemployment, human rights and a cohesive working environment, for foreign investment was given a thorough diagnosis by the able Minister of Tourism and Culture of Sierra Leone.

This top-notch Meeting was set by the Global Economic Institute (GEI) in the hearts of Ottawa city in the early mornings of Thursday 2019.

Upon reception, and after thorough security control, the newly appointed head of the Canadian Foreign Department made a profound statement and welcome note of assurance, were in he testified that the visit of the delegation is timely and considered to be very important. He further expressed that even though he is new in the job but will try to sail the boat well together with his colleagues, who will tap in to give professional guidance and formidable phase lift to the visit and pending discussions.

During his mirror introduction, he spotted many insights that he has identified as a unique selling point for Sierra Leone and that it’s heritage and other forms of tourism will definitely capture the ideal minds to visit for assorted reasons.

The Minister of Tourism took the platform and left the round table in answer-wonder especially the Canadian team. The Minister was able to speak the language of the people and that gave doubled edged over the panel, as she undoubtedly drops issues around many facets that need utmost attention which are:
Using Arts and Culture to stable the minds of the youths, entertainment be it film production, handy crafts, music, dance, clothing, training and exploration of new ideas will place her country on a different paradigm shift with a better and healthy option for development Indicators.

The Minister in her position was able to interconnect divers key problems in her country in one melting pot, this presentation stole the attention of the Canadian officials that she was given more time to finish her most sensitive point that will bring groundbreaking results.

In her conclusion, she made considerable action points on every area that has to do with Sierra Leone in general not only in Tourism and Culture but were she has identified as stifling problems. She said, “We as a nation need Canada to come in our situation with essential supports with attention given to the random issues mentioned above”.

Outcomes, one might be Keen on curiosity
to know the key outcomes of this top-notch meeting. However, the team members on the Sierra Leone delegation made an outstanding contribution to canoe and support the arguments of the Hon. Minister of Tourism and Culture.

Dr Walton E. Gilpin who is known for strategic discussion engaged the other side to increase and amplified their presence in Sierra Leone like with other countries around the globe. Dr Gilpin also looked at the average opportunities in the foreign Department on SME’s as these are the pillars of growth. He added that indeed Tourism development has a strong capital phase, so the mission should look at Canadian banks to collaborate with other Banks in Sierra Leone to beef up this sector and empower young people to take the course of trending development strides for better nation-building.

The Director of Culture- Mr Foday Jalloh who has vast knowledge in his areas coupled with others, did the missile analysis of the correlation between Tourism and Culture, therefore he implored the Canadian government to look into it and see ways how they can connect with Sierra Leone through heritage tourism.

The Canadian team was able to pass on their thoughts at a faster pace based on the various presentations, which helped them to draw up the conclusive decision with areas they think they can help.
Some of these areas are the areas they have helping and assured the team to dig out more opportunities for the country in:
Youth unemployment
Early marriage
Stronger bilateral ties

The day ended with a general tour of one of the main museum also served as resident of the Canadian Governor General.

Stay connect as we bring news from Canada on the Tourism and Investment Promotion 2019.

Submitted by
Kai B. Saquee
Marketing/ Publicist

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