It has happened again today in the twinkled of an eye, Sierra Leone Minister of Tourism and Culture clinched another partnership and collaboration deal and settlement within twenty-five minutes of one on one discussion with Mayor James M. Diodati of Niagara City Ontario.
Giving a detailed backdrop of the meeting, the Minister and delegation did a morning site visits to the Niagara Tourism Village, this village and settlement attract quite a huge number of tourist, for its beauty, history, heritage, antiques and many more. During the tour the Minister attracted many aged Canadian women, who were interested in African Sierra Leone attire, this drew more attention and created interviews for the Minister and delegation for the purpose of visit and why Niagara?. Well, the Minister of tourism with full alacrity responded accordingly as usual.
As the conducted tour concluded, the team had a proper observatory and concurrent approach with a strong benchmark in how Sierra Leone can transform her colonial settlements to a beautiful and active tourist attraction site, which will raise awareness and generate income and employment with viable socio-economic benefits.
Mayor James M. Diodati of Niagara City Ontario, a receptive and friendly Mayor Niagara City. His receptiveness gave the Minister and team a flexible and comfortable atmosphere for success deliberations. The Mayor just on arrival handed the Minister of Tourism a welcome gift of acceptance assuring the Minister that she is indeed welcome. Well โ€œBoe Tah Boe Nahโ€ he who gives must expect to be given. Just after the presentation of the Mayor, the Minister in return also presented Sierra Leoneโ€™s Tourism promotional materials one after the other, this gives the Mayor a shuck as he wasnโ€™t expectant with the numerous rendered.
A special exchange of the Sierra Leone and Canadian lapel pins was fixed on both Officials as a symbol honorary, statesmanship and acceptance of partnerships and dual collaborations betwixt the two ascendancies. It was just after these friendly token, that the mayor in his full senses declared readiness for a healthy partnership and collaboration with Sierra Leone Tourism with supports for tourism developments in Sierra Leone.
Just at the end of the successful meeting, the team was taken to see, feel, and share experience from the Niagara Falls. Polishing the deals the team visited one of the Seven Wonders of the World, that is Niagara Falls located in Ontario, this amazing waterfall is linked and perched with the United State by New York city border. This site on the Niagara River’s western shore buoyantly overlooks the Horseshoe Falls, with the Cascades’ most expansive sections and well pathed ancient water rocks splashes water mist, as the rainbow gives the genuine ambience of hope to visitors. Keep in touch as more news unfolds From Canada.
Submitted by,
Kai B,Saquee
Marketing and Publicist

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