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Banana Island

There are various options for getting to Banana Island. We can either pick you up and drive to Kent from where we will board a boat or we can board the boat at River Number Two. We will dock at Dublin, one of the three islands that make up the Banana Islands. Once there, we will have a tour of this historic village and settle down for lunch and maybe a swim later. There is also the option (not included) of doing some snorkelling off the coast of one of the islands. Another option is to take a boat trip to Ricketts before departing for Freetown.

Sierra Leone

Tiwai Island Heritage Trail

Karma Cola is a soft drink brand who got their cola nuts (used in producing the drinks) from Sierra Leone and they set up a Foundation with the sole aim to develop the communities where they purchase their cola nuts from. The Heritage Trail was introduced to Karma Cola in 2013 and since then, its Foundation have been working relentlessly in ensuring these communities are developed.

Sierra Leone