Southern Province

Southern Province

Travel South…


The geography of southern Sierra Leone, as of much of West Africa’s south west-facing shores, is that the coast itself tends to be indistinct and often miles from the nearest road.  The coast is entirely separated from the mainland and thus the town of Bonthe and the Turtle Islands are adrift in the Atlantic. Southeast of Bonthe, the surf hits a tremendous, unbroken beach, which stretches 110m to the little port of Sulima on the Leberian border.  In the southeast the hills come to within 50km of the sea and here, south of the provincial capital, Bo (the second capital city of Sierra Leone), there are opportunities for some of the country’s most rewarding exploration.


The south is accessible from Freetown by road.  Transportation is also available on a daily bases by private and public services. Travelling from Freetown to Bo is approximately five hours (five). Four wheel drives are most ideal.


Hotels and Guest Houses are available in the Southern Province and offer standard and quality services. Like in other parts of the country, Food is available in restaurants and varies from African dishes, European and snacks. The area is known for it most popular local dish call “PEMAHUN” combining rice, green leaves and palm oil. Sierra Leone’s local wine “POYO” (Palm Wine) is also a popular drink in the south. Nightlife in this part of the country is also very exciting and exotic. Clubs are open through out the week. For further details contact Accommodation/Restaurant/Entertainment Guide or your Host/Agent.