Northern Province

Northern Province

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The Northern Province is one of the four provinces of Sierra Leone sharing boundaries with the Republic of Guinea. The provincial headquarter is Makeni and it is approximately two and half hours from Freetown and has good road network. This region is a potential paradise for eco-tourism and adventure tourism. It has ranges of Mountains, Hills, Valleys and Wetlands; comprising unique and endangered species (flora and fauna). It is also home to Outamba Kilimi National Park.


Government buses and commercial vehicles are available on a 24hour basis from Freetown to Makeni.


The Northern Province offers good number of standard and decent Hotels, Guest Houses and Motels accommodation at reasonable and affordable prices. The Province is well endowed with varieties of menus. Food varies from African dishes, European dishes to Snacks and light meals. You can also get wines, imported and local beers in bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs etc., a local wine call “POYO” (Palm Wine) found at local bars made out of Bamboo are also available. Nightlife in this part of the country is very exciting. There are many Nightclubs full of music and dancing. Night clubs are opened on Wednesdays (Ladies Night), Thursdays (Reggae Night) Fridays (African Night) and Saturdays (Jam Splash). .Music range from African Sounds, Reggae, Pop as well as local Sierra Leone Music. You can also enjoy live band performances. For further details contact your Host or Agent.