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Historical & Heritage Sites

National Railway Museum

The Sierra Leone National Railway Museum was opened in 2005 in the old railway workshops in Cline Town area of Freetown.

The Marron’s Church

This is one of the oldest places of worship in the City dating from 1820 when the founder received a Crown Grant of the land between Percival and Liverpool Streets with frontage in Westmoreland Street.

Heddle’s Farm

This was the site of a house, which commanded a fine view over Freetown. It is found on the old Leicester Road and dates from 1820. This was a prominent residence, which is now in ruins.

De Ruyter Stone at King Jimmy

This is Freetown’s oldest monument. It lies buried 6 feet underground, just above the high watermark at the King Jimmy Market, near the Connaught Hospital. Mentioned by early travelers in ships journals.

Bunce Island Fortress

Bunce Island is the site of an 18th-century British slave castle in the Republic of Sierra Leone in West Africa.

The Cotton Tree Freetown

Today, the Cotton Tree is seen as a historical symbol of not only Freetown but Sierra Leone as a whole.

Gateway to the King’s Yard

After the Abolition Act of 1807 and the transfer in 1808 of the Colony to the Crown, the ships of the Atlantic Fleet were largely employed

Old Fourah Bay College Old Building

This building is situated on Ross Road, Clinetown. It is a massive four-storey structure, built of dressed stone blocks of laterite.

St. Charles Church Regent

This is situated at Regent Village. St Charles Church is the oldest stone church in Sierra Leone and the third oldest in Africa.

Sierra Leone Peace and Cultural Museum

Sierra Leone’s Peace and Cultural Museum is located at the centre of Freetown adjacent to the State House Avenue.

Sierra Leone National Museum

Sierra Leone’s National Museum is located at the centre of Freetown under the branches of the city’s famous Cotton Tree.

Firing Point and Guns near Old Wharf, Dublin, Banana Island

Because many pirates were operating in international waters in the 18th Century, Merchants petitioned the British Government to help them stamp out piracy.
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