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3 day Tiwai Island Tour

A visit to this tropical rain-forest is undoubtedly one of Sierra Leone’s wildlife highlights. Enriched by the lazily flowing waters of the Moa River you are immersed in the sights and sounds of this safe haven. There is some of the most diverse chimpanzee and monkey populations and more than 700 species of plants life, not to mention the elusive pygmy hippo, a squat little nocturnal beast found only in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Gola Forest National Park – 3/4 days

The Gola Forest is the largest area of lowland rain forest remaining in Sierra Leone, and is one of the most important sites for the conservation of threatened wildlife in the country. The Gola Forest is the largest tract of closed canopy, lowland rain forest in Sierra Leone.

Tiwai Island Heritage Trail

Karma Cola is a soft drink brand who got their cola nuts (used in producing the drinks) from Sierra Leone and they set up a Foundation with the sole aim to develop the communities where they purchase their cola nuts from. The Heritage Trail was introduced to Karma Cola in 2013 and since then, its Foundation have been working relentlessly in ensuring these communities are developed.

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