The Tourism Minister garnered SITA attention. The Sierra Leone Minister of Tourism stand out strong amongst others, even though it’s the only English speaking Destination but demonstrated visibility and proactive recognition of Sierra Leone and this restored dignity again in the Ivorian French speaking country. The Country’s attendance was timely and necessary for profiling and the rebranding process.

Foreign exhibitors were astonished by the level of attention given to Minister of Tourism and it’s delegation, during the event. The Ivorians were still considering Sierra Leone to be a war zone and insecured tourist Destination, this the Minister of Tourism was able to make a destinctive clarity to the visitors and in key Investment meetings.

Key meetings for Tourism development, Investment, transportation and timely B2B was attended to sought better and profitable outcomes for the country.

Also the Minister and senior officers that formed part of the delegation were part of the Tour De SITA organised solely for Sierra Leone able Minister of Tourism, to ascertain a first hand facts and measure the weight of the event.

The enthusiastic Minister of tourism was energetic and poised to visit several booths within the trade ground.

The last day of the event brought more attention for meetings on many trending issues: like Investment in accommodation, Eco tourism and many more.

Surprised! Surprised! The Ivorians and Sierra Leone delegation celebrated the Minister of Tourism on her Birthday. Where she made her birthday Statement and extend profound thanks and appreciation for the surprise.

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